ORGANICA Fireplace Safety Fuel 4" Burners

ORGANICA Fireplace Safety Fuel 4" Burners
  • Item #: E12-213
ORGANICA is a 100% biobased fuel certified by the USDA. Bulk refill is for use with Refillable Combustion Safety Cannister for Fireplace pots. Non flammable, does not flash, non hazardous can ship by air. Odorless, spill resistant with very low emissions. Can be used indoor or outdoor safely. Elimate burns associated with ethanol and alcohol gel fuels. 5 year shelf life! Does not evaporate! One ORGANICA cannister burns equivalent to 2-3 cans of gel. Flame stays at top of can for the full burn time unlike gels that recede down into the can. 12 Relightable/Refillable Combustion Safety Cannisters per case. One can Organica equal to 2-3 cans of one time use gel!
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